Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Enjoyable Last Day

Once the frames are all secured, we put backer rod in the joint so that we can caulk around the artwork.

Mike does the always enjoyable job of caulking.

The finished lizard, representing flexibility.

The finished Ability

The finished frog, representing adaptability.

The finished hands and earth,  representing responsibility.

The finished birds, representing endure-ability.

The finished dolphins, representing enjoyability.

End of day 6!

Fifth Day Abilities

Today we started grouting.

A good place to keep the grout.

Johanna comes to check out our work and to approve the grout colors.

We install one of the metal frames onto the artwork. The frame will hide the wood and the clips.

End of day 5!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Working At A Recreation Center?

Our first day of work involves working outside, I love California!

First we measure a square, with many diagonal lines with the same value.

Then Mike connects all the lines with a string, it works!

We bring the boards to the site to figure out where they should go...

Luckily the artist is there to guide us.

End of day one!

Mike drills holes in the custom made clips.

Then he drills holes in the wall.

And then he fastens the clips.

This is where a board should fit perfectly.

It does! End of day two!
Our crate with the mosaics arrive!

The first one we will install.

Back-buttering the smalti.

It is easier for us to install on the table than on the wall (especially since this is a very busy recreation center).

Once we have let the mortar set a bit, it is safe to pick it up and set it in place.

The second mosaic we installed today.

I am using all my strength to hold it to the wall while Mike screws the clips onto the board (not realizing the clips alone hold it in place).

End of day 3!

The back of a spine.

Mike is securing the mosaic to the wall (we are using this method so that if it is ever needed, the mosaics can be removed).

The pieces on the edge are easy to accidentally knock out while mounting on the wall so some fixes are needed.

Now that I know it won`t fall, I can leisurely secure it while Mike finds the drill.

End of day 4!